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About us

HARAPAN is a family tradition company, the leader in manufacturing high precision part and industrial knives. Our business has grown to encompass items applicable to nearly every industry, and we offer a highly customised industrial components, both the latest and the former version, and many of which are hard to find that we know our customer’s still need. We offer fast, courteous service and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every day

We value the combination of the latest CNC-CAD/CAM  technologies, 3D printing and the traditional skills which are blended to ensure the highest quality possible and total customer satisfaction. Every stage of manufacture is subject to rigorously applied quality control procedures. Our accomplished engineers are trained to give advice on the suitable material selection and specification for all applications


A wide recognition of our company is the result of hard efforts put in by our team members. We have got an excellent team of highly experienced people, who have got deep knowledge of the industry they are dealing with. We further motivate our highly proficient and dedicated team members by providing them with various assessments based on their performance level. Our company also organize various training sessions and workshops for employees to increase their hold over market in a stronger manner. This results in providing huge benefits to clients in timely manner.

Work Process

How We Worked


We offer a one-to-one consultation with our marketing team. Customers are invited to submit sample material for cutting analysis or to visit us for a personal equipment demonstration.

The Designing /
Pre Production

Once we have an understanding of the customer need, we will start the design and preproduction process. We will draw the product and use the 3D printer where required. Also, we will check whether the chosen material is suitable and available. And consult with the client to ensure everything on point.

The Production

After the pre-production stage complete, the production stage begins. The order will be placed in the queue. Our comprehensive technician will ensure the order is process in a timely manner and in high quality.

The Delivery

Once the product passed the quality control, we will arrange the delivery of the goods and the necessary paperwork.

Our Client

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